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Lathyrus Odoratus 'Gwendoline' (Spencer Sweet Pea Gwendoline)

Lathyrus Odoratus 'Gwendoline' (Spencer Sweet Pea Gwendoline)

Cream-flushed-pink blooms

Creamy-white petals, which look like they have been dipped in pink icing sugar, form luscious sprays of flowers that appear in profusion in summer. This headily-scented variety looks great scrambling over an obelisk or sprawling over a hospitable, neighbouring shrub. Cut the flowers to fill your home with perfume, or leave them outside for the bees buzz about. In our (not very scientific) sweet pea trial on the nursery, we found that this variety had very pretty

  • Flower colour and was highly scented. There were not too many flowers left in August, and what there was had a stem length of around 6 - 8". All the sweet-peas in our trial produced significantly better plants when the seeds were sown in autumn rather than spring.

    • These sweet peas are autumn sown and grown in root trainers to promote longer deep roots. They have been grown under a cold polythene tunnel and we will despatch them as soon as they are ready to be planted outside. (See the dates above for the estimated despatch date) Position: full sun
    • Soil: fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soilto fast-growing
    • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
    • Flowering period: June to September
    • Flower colour: cream flushed with pink
    • Other Features: highly scented flowers
    • Hardiness: hardy annual
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